Related Reports

Oxford Institute of Ageing Report: This is Living: Good Times: Art for Older People at Dulwich Picture Gallery

Oxford Institute of Ageing, University of Oxford

About the report:
“This report follows the first five years of ‘Good Times: Art for Older People at Dulwich Picture
Gallery’; a programme that engages groups from 65 partner sites and has reached numerous
individuals via the innovative ‘Prescription for Art’ scheme.

Good Times began in 2005 in response to deep concerns felt by the Gallery education team
about the way older people are treated in our society. Dire reports in the media and shocking
statistics from agencies for the ageing convinced us that we should devise programmes for
older people at the Gallery. Through art we wanted to enrich life for people deserving respect
for their age, experience and life-long contribution to society. Many of these people grew up
during the deprivations and sacrifices of war.”

Stories for Change: Leadership Examples of Expanding the Arts to New Audiences

Partners for Livable Communities, funded by MetLife Foundation

About the report:
Stories for Change, a report by Partners for Livable Communities funded by MetLife Foundation, offers leadership examples that expand the arts to new audiences. This compendium of nearly 50 best practices showcases the notable strategies that increase access to arts and culture for older adult and immigrant populations.”